Barcelona is a city that breathes culture. There is art in every corner and its public agenda is plenty of interesting events. El Jardí has always been involved in culture and with more than 150 years of history has become an emblematic landmark within Barcelona's old town. We love ART and getting to know several Artists and sharing their work in our little hotel is part of this artistic commitment.
El Jardí has been collaborating with different Artists organizations along such as"Associació dels Pintors del Pí" or independent Artists from all over the world. Today we are very happy to collaborate with BUA-ART (Barcelona Union Artists). An artistic movement born in Barcelona providing itinerant art exhibitions in different places in our city.

Today's Exhibition is by Raquel Vera

Spanish Artist & Photographer stablished in Barcelona presents "WHITE AND BLACK"
..."In these works the illustrations open areas of feeling, which provide a sense deeper, to the reality of the landscape, nature, or undertaking the journey to discover Indescribable, unforgettable and unique moments. I record the images making an interpretation that traps that reality and I fix them in my feelings and emotions. I play with Black and White, thus creating Light and Shadows. With my passion for Photography, which is art and the technique of obtaining lasting images due to the action of light. It is the process of projecting images and capturing them, either by the medium of the fixed in a medium sensitive to light."

Enjoy this exhibition up untill April 1st at el Jardí.

Exhibition program 2018

Month Artist Discipline
January Raquel Vera Illustration | Photography
February Raquel Vera Illustration
March Raquel Vera Photography
April MIT Painting
May MIT Painting
June To be confirmed..
July To be confirmed..

For art exhibitions requests at el Jardí, please contact us via e-mail: