In 1860 el Jardí becomes the third hotel in Barcelona.

The City Archives document show that in the Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol there was a sling for transport. This inn dates back to 1640. The document also states that there was a garden at the corner of Plaça del Pí and Plaça Sant Josep Oriol. In that time the owners decided to erect a 5 level building. The materials used for the structure were clay, straw and wood.

The adjacent inn was a typical structure with stone arches that supported a 4 level building. Travelers rested at the rooms above the stone arches. Below were the animals that contribute to heat the first floor.

Over the years the two buildings were consolidated. If you look at the main facade where the entrance of the hotel is located at Plaça Sant Josep Oriol you can notice the difference in levels between the two buildings by the rows of balconies. Afterwords a stairway was used to connect both buildings

Because of its location "el Jardí" became popular. It was frequented by famous artists that came with elegant carriages. Naturally, everyone gathered around the square to watch everything.

During the twentieth century "el Jardí" changed owners a few times. The current owners of the building, which for a time was damaged, upgraded interior, respecting the facade.

The remodeling work was done in two stages, the first was just before the 1992 Olympics and the second was completed in 2002 and the elevator was installed. Unfortunately due to the age of the building, the lift can not reach street level and our guests have to go up a flight of stairs to get to the reception.



There are documents in the City Council of Barcelona that show that in number 1 of the Plaça Sant Josep Oriol there was a group of transporters who organized itinerant excursions to Seu d'Urgell, Andorra, France, etc.



In 1860 the hotel license was granted to El Jardí and became the third hotel in the city of Barcelona.



The remodeling works of the building begin, reinforcing the structure and installing for the first time an elevator.



The structural remodeling of the building and the facilities of the entire establishment are completed.